The Tehillah Team

During the last few years, I have had the privilege of working with people whom I can only describe as some of the finest and most skilled musicians and singers that there are in the city of Birmingham, in actual fact the UK. I know they're going to say "stop it", but I have to give thanks for them. Tehillah would not have been the success that it is without the committed help of the Jazz/R 'n' B/Gospel/all rounder group Imani, and a number of musicians who themselves are not in any particular band but just gel together when ever I ask them if they are available to do a tehillah. All of these guys are awesome. Neither would it have succeeded without the commitment of a group of singers whose artistic qualifications can only be described as God ordained and beyond the scope of academia, that is a gift. If you need musicians and singers that are serious, skillful and play and sing from the heart, then these are the guys. Seriously, look out for these guys, God is going to do some awesome things with them. More than anything else what I love is that these guys have caught the vision and are running after that vision and are not motivated by finances, awesome!

Let me introduce them to you:

Keyboards Stuart Trotman (Imani), Mark Hawton, Mark Oakes, JJ (Clyde Forde), Glen Easy, Joshua Bailey Paul Morton, Patrick White
Drums Julian Chambers (Imani), Andy Shephard, Rikki Prince
Bass Stephen Morgan (Imani), Stuart Brown, Mark Letman
Lead & Acoustic Guitars Orvil Pinnock (Imani), Cecil Chambers and Howard Chambers, Luke Adams
Percussion Ruth Ible
Violinist Janet Shell
Sax Phil Crsip, Gareth Daniels

As for the singers, wow - what a privilege!

Alto Martin Trotman Excellent worship leader, singer, pianist and song writer!
Soprano Doreen Lewars You gotta hear her! Incredible song writer and worship leader.
Soprano Carol Brewster Amazing Jazz vocalist and worship leader.
Soprano Dawn Morgan Awesome and wonderful voice
Soprano Juliette Leon Sings like a birdie, fantastic
Soprano Kim Beckford Sweet sounds of gladness
Alto Diane Henry Quality and a fantastic skill at vocal arrangements.
Alto kate Parish Wonderful soulful sound
Alto Paulette Morris Strong consistent quality voice.
Alto Michelle Morris My friend, faithful and wonderful in sound
Alto Tracey Adams Incredible, phew what can we say!
Alto Shirley Laidley Strong consistent quality voice with vast experience of singing different genres.
Tenor Dee Moore Awesome and wondeful
Tenor Garry Parkes Awesome, awesome, awesome
Tenor Jerome Bucknor This guy has so mouch potential and wow!
Tenor Paul Green This is the man, that's all I can say.
Tenor Dion Farrel This young bother has an amazing voice, awesome. When Paul and Dion sing together it's like listening a finally tuned instrument with many harmonics.
Tenor Patrick White A shy brother but awesome singing gift. (keyboards, guitar and other instruments)
Tenor Simon Ible A fantastic gift, amazing quality of sound. (drummer)
Tenor Delroy Hutchinson I met Delroy in Feb 2003 and have to say wow, his ability to create and improvise when needed is a sure gift, aswell as his ability to sing. Wow!

There comes a point where its impossible to give a description to all the people who have worked on tehillah. I summarise the above by saying all of these people have been an inspiration to me, their gifts are amazing and they use them skillfully.

copyright tehillah 2007