Hi, Let me introduce myself.

This year as we celebrate 12 years of exciting worship, we want you join us by bringing the saved and unsaved to the June and November events. We want you to come, receive, leave empowered and, go back to your respective places worship and let the contagious power of worship spread amongst your brothers and sisters. This is what I love about tehillah, it's about Jesus and empowerment as well as fun!!!

Tehillah Tehillah Tehillah. Thatís the call I hear. I have a vision of souls just worshipping till they drop! No not till they drop, just endlessly, in such a manner that they donít know when or how to stop. God is awesome and His Son, Jesus the Christ is awesome, patient, understanding and has so much belief in our ability to do the right thing, that itís amazing. Iím amazed by Him. I marvel at the works of His hands and why He loves me the way He does. When I fail Him and others, He doesnít condemn me, but says ďget up and letís move onĒ. Notice, its not ďget up and you move onĒ but ďletís move onĒ. He wrestles with me against my enemies whatever shape they may take.

I'm Selvyn Wright, the organiser of Tehillah and formerly the Elder of the Church of the King of Kings in Birmingham, UK. I have been a leader within the church for many years and thank God for the privilege in being able to serve His people.

For many years I had a vision of Christians from all denominations and creeds coming together as one to worship our Lord and Saviour Jesus the Christ. In January of 2000 during a church meeting, we were discussing individual goals for the year. When it came to me to speak, I spoke of the vision that I had for many years. The folks of the church all expressed an interest in such an event and one of the other Elders said I should go for it.

So often we have dreams and desires, but talk ourselves out of them. I had done this for many years, not believing that the God whom I love to worship was talking to me about this ministry and it was someone elses calling, or in the gift that He had placed within me. It took the members of the church to remind me that Yahweh is able and willing to do in us all that He has purposed for us to do! So in February 2000 I put into motion the plans for an event that would slowly change and charge the atmosphere of the city of Birmingham. On September 22nd the first Tehillah took place. We had in attendance about 100 people. It was a great night and it was clearly evident that something unique had been birthed. Since that event took place we have run a number of Tehillahs at the Adrian Boult Hall and have recently moved to the Great Hall at Aston University.

Tehillah is about the Lord (Yahweh). It's about learning how to worship Him if you didn't already know. And if you believe you know, it's about doing more of it. It's about recognising that church isn't about turning up on Sunday morning and expecting the worship team to warm you up, but coming to church with a song already in your heart and being prepared to minister unto the Lord and in doing so, allowing Him to minister unto you. It's about recognising that worship is not just singing songs, but it's a lifestyle. True worship comes out of a life that has been soaked in adoration and continual communion with the True and Living God, Yahweh. What a privilege it is that through our Lord and Saviour Jesus we can do this without fear, intimidation and embarrassment.

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